Sample Briefs

Plaintiff Fraud Verdict Affirmed
Defendant appealed from a jury verdict for Plaintiff, who had been awarded both compensatory and punitive damages on her claim of fraud.  Below is the answering brief written for the Plaintiff’s attorney.  The Alabama Supreme Court affirmed the jury verdict for Plaintiff.

Competiting Writs of Mandamus in re jurisdiction
Below is pair of briefs relating to competing writs of mandamus, each seeking a ruling by the Alabama Supreme Court that proper jurisdiction over the issue of ownership and control of a corporation rested in a different county circuit court. The issues were consolidated and decided in favor of the Talladega court, the jurisdiction our client argued was proper. An issue concerning the power of the Talladega court to hold our opponent in contempt for violating its order was also addressed by the supreme court and ultimately transferred to the Alabama Court of Civil Appeals for decision favorable to the Talladega court.