Brief writing is time-intensive and requires top-notch legal research and writing skills.  To make matters worse, appellate briefs typically are submitted subject to very tight deadlines.

When your time comes to write the biggest brief of your case, will you be ready? 
Whether yours is a big firm with overloaded full-time brief writing staff or a smaller firm with limited man-power, having to put aside regular litigation work for the two to three weeks it may take to prepare an outstanding appellate petition, response, and reply is simply too great an interruption of work and cash flow.

That’s where we come in.
You don’t have to drop everything when you get your appellate scheduling order.  Just call us.  After consultation regarding your existing research and your theory of the case, simply deliver the trial transcript and other information to us via e-mail or overnight courier.  Leave the research and writing to us.  We will deliver a draft compliant with your local rules of appellate procedure, in plenty of time for you to review the work and file your final version with the court.  We will even help you prepare for oral argument.  It’s that easy.

Now you can enjoy the advantages of extending your staff without the added payroll.
Subcontracting preparation of your appellate brief is a smart move that will save you the time and hassle of dropping everything else in your practice to do it yourself.  Why not contract with our experienced attorneys to aid you in your cause instead?  Call now.